Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cloud computing: Microsoft Azure

Recently I had a closer look at Microsoft implementation of cloud computing paradigm: Azure plateform. Despite of issues those are inevitable for pre-release product, it looks really promising and quite developer-friendly.
Hope to show something runnable and presentable soon!

I'll be adding my thoughts here for now, andlater structure them up

0. Use StorageClient helpers from Azure SDK. It'll save you lots of effort

1. When you save data in Table storage - always fill both Partition and Row key, or you'll be unable to delete records. Also remember that keys cannot contain / \ # , ?

2. Select operations to Table storage are limited to 1000 records and is surely limited by 1000 charcters per text field. It brings sound limitations for your data operations. For example, it does not make sence to select all records - instead you should have some filtering field (partition key or smth else) able to divide data to bunches below 1000 items each.

3. Read focumentation or goggle for other workarounds like foreign keys simulation.

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