Wednesday, December 03, 2008

How to make InputBox in WSH JavaScript

I was just asked if Windows Shell (WSH) JavaScript has something like Visual Basic InputBox function.
It seems no.
So here is a small .NET utility showing the box and saving value to given environment variable.
See usage sample in *.js file. (LET ME KNOW IF THIS SERVICE ISN'T WORKING)

Monday, October 13, 2008

How to unlock locked file in TFS

Just solved a problem.

Imagine some bad guys left your team and did not check in their files.
So you cannot deal with them anymore from Visual Studio.

Here is great explanation of how to rescue:

Also - description of TFS command-line tools you'll surely need:

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Just a bit about politics (sorry, can't bear...)

With nowadays Russia approach to internal and external affairs I'm feeling like just after Munich'38.
Don't like to be around if it continues. Remember - Hitler had no nuke but managed to kill millions. Putin has :-(

Troubles with TFS: TF30063: You are not authorized to access Microsoft-IIS/6.0.

Hello there,

Couple of days ago we got following trouble message when connecting to TFS from one of our PCs:
TF30063: You are not authorized to access Microsoft-IIS/6.0.

Gooogl'ing brings idea that it is connected with local Internet proxy settings, however proxy was not set directly.
But! We found that some software specified the proxy configuration script setting some local proxy server. We thought about Selenium IDE installed there but aren't sure since have it installed elsewhere and no such problems yet.

Anyway, turning the script off solved the problem. We will check if it brings other issues.


"Seven Sins of Offshoring"

Just mentioned this article -
(In Russian -

Nice modern ideas in comparison with Bible ones!